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Birthday walking and picnic in Ses Salines, Ibiza

Promoting walking in Ibiza and loving birthday celebrations, there was only one way that my birthday this year would be celebrated: with a walk. Playing with several thoughts on how and where to go for a birthday walk since I have many favorites like Punta Galera, Cap des Falco and the whole Salines area. A nice, flat Salines walk was chosen to make it easy enough and to have a nice place for picnic.

Picnic at Torre de Ses Portes

Have you ever had a picnic in Ibiza? You could have it almost anywhere (but no grilling and open fire in most places!!!) and enjoy it. I wanted to find a place that could offer a nice easy walk, would be easily accessible and would have a picnic place with a view. And a place that is close to my heart since it is important to have a meaning on your birthday. Though Cap des Falco is my ultimate favorite, it is far too difficult (70% of somebody slipping and falling on loose stones downhill) to risk walking it with a larger group and especially on a day when you want to just take it slow and relax. Punta Galera is beautiful, but I was going to San An later that day. So Salines was only, and the best choice with ca 5 km in length, flat ground mostly and a magnificent place to have a picnic, relax and enjoy the company of friends.

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Some crazy joga moves were practiced
Me and mom – it is her day as well

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The walk back on the Salines coast has some climbs, some art and some beaches. Thanks, Yo for Yoga moves and Claire for the lovely rose-shaped seashell.IMGP0339 IMGP0341

Last year I started my Ibiza-story because of Café del Mar. It was only fair that the day would end there. And we were lucky – this year we got an amazing sky, not pouring rain :).



Thank you all who wished me happy birthday, who came with me on a walk and who have been by my side wherever and whenever through my 31 years. I have had a lot of luck and lot of support. You have got to live your life your way. And that can be tough. That is also why I invite all of you to join the #challenge100km – to have the constant strength to live your way and to find out what that way is.

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