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Candles and Christmas go together. Then again, candle-light and every day go together for me. Even a day won’t go by without burning a candle. It gives a warm and cosy feeling to a home. This year I decided to make candles of my own. What do you think? They make perfect presents as well.

Making them is simple: for a year you have to keep the leftovers of bought candles (unfortunately or fortunately the candles won’t burn down all the way). Then you take a pan you are sure you might not need and find different kind of vessels, from glasses, cups, egg-shells, you name it. Then you gather all the strange small things that don’t burn to put in the liquid candle. Coffee-beans, broken colourful christmas thingis. For the string to put in and that you have to light, you can use a regular thread that you cover with candle wax when it is melting on the pan.

So you choose the colour of candles you want to melt first, if you want to make different coloured layers, you should wait a while until the lower one is completely dried, otherwise it will just mix together. Be sure that the thread stays in the bottom and won’t fall in the wax. Happy making!

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