Summer is probably the most popular time for weddings. Weddings are probably one of the events where everything should be as perfect and thought through as possible – it is supposed to be once in a lifetime for the couple. Thus, it is also important to get the right style that would be the style of the couple.

In Estonia, I don’t think the wedding planners are very popular yet, nor to have a wedding designer. The Wedding Father (pulmaisa), yes – someone to organize traditional games, that is common. The rest the couple handles themselves to save money and to get it as they want.

My friend got married just lately and I had the honour to help a bit with the decorations. It was my first time. I do like making things pretty, so it was a challenge I happily took (until I realized how complicated and what a responsibility it was :)). The most difficult is to get the elements right and make it harmonize with the whole event and with what you have as the location.

The bridge where the registration took place. Covered in white silk, flower buquets and national costume belts.

Candle holder for the couple’s candle. Wheat, birds, pearls and Estonian national flowers.
Keep it simple. Napkins were tied with yellow ribbon, branches and flowers from the forest and a little pearl.
Pearly pearls
The Estonian National Costume pattern was one of the main design element, used on the bridge and in the party room decor.

Extra upmh for the couple’s room name tag, hearts, roses. The LOT.

Main idea for the style: National, nature based, simplistic.
Used materials: National costume belts, fresh wheat heads, white pearls of all sorts, golden paper, cornflower (Estonian National flower), white silk, yellow roses and white candles.

It was an interesting challenge and since the bride is happy with the result, I am happy.