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Cleaning out the closet

On my holiday in Belgium I decided it is time to start getting rid of things I really don’t need. Yesterday seemed like a good day for it so I just took all the paper stuff I had, and threw away round 10% of papers – old school papers, information materials I never used, programmes of conferences etc. It felt so good, that I did the same with my e-materials.

Try it! It feels good to have less things. And as someone really smart has sayd: the nature does not tolerate empty spaces 😉 or Less is More.

I ended the night with the last paragraph of Tim Ferriss’s 4 hour work week and got loads of interesting links, I will share them with you, ore even better – go to his website. You can’t always do things the way he suggest, but he will give you inspiration at least.

So step one: get rid of 10 % of something
Step two: read something inspirational

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