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Comments on JCI EST convention Day1 (B. J. Heiden)

Yesterday, my first JCI National (Estonian, this case) Conevention started in Tallinn. I have for a year and a half realized, that whenever participating a JCI event I always gain both on personal level and professional level. Now, this convention “paid off” even before actually coming to the event.

Reading the programme, I must admit I was a bit sceptical of the value of some of the lectures but it turned out it was only due to the fact I didn’t know about the topic enough. I mean Bowman J. Heiden’s lecture on Knowledge Economy and Intellectual Property. He was a fantastic speaker to start with and here are some quotes and thoughts from him:

The main question is HOW to create wealth in a Knowledge Economy (KE)? Katar is one of the wealthiest country in the world and now, before they actually are in desperate need, they want to change the country’s leadership into knowledge economy – to do things differently.

Intellectual Property – can b used both to block and build

You can’t hate patents, u have to hate the way use patents. Ethical dimension – we have to think what is the impact of what we do to others.

* “Edges define limitation /…/” – William Irwin Thompson
* “In the Knowledge Economy we are all developing countries” – Ulf Petrusson
* “To trade knowledge we need patents to protect it to create wealth” – B.J.Heiden

Book Suggestion: Hermando de Soto, The Mystery of Capital

At the moment there is no answer to how to value f.example virtual objects and make them into cash and

Today all value creation stems from human intellects; know-how, relationships, inventions, etc. new business models arrive.

Lot of wealth is being created through brands (trademark right management); copyright: digitalization, virtualization; patent management: managing open innovation and market development – we pack it so we could trade it. Free information doesn’t mean free, it means ACCESSIBLE. With complete openness you create chaos (the open fores example). Through the copyright if u put something open you demand other people who uses your product to be also open – you create openness.

What I loved and that made me think the MOST: Disney makes u buy advertisement: the movie itself is the advertisement to the range of goods (stickers to clothes, toys) coming along with the movie that the kids just HAVE to HAVE.

We license content – f.eks Harry Potter – he is a character that can be used in different contecsts thus the money shall come to the owner of the character without moving a finger once the character is licenced. (Same goes to Microsofti and downloading programmes – B. Gates himself doesn’t download the programmes to each and every computer which raises the question – is it a product or service)?

U take a physical thing and make it intellectual… knowledge is the new wealth of the nations and the access to the knowledge is critical.

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