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Craft and creativity

I did not make any new year’s resolutions this year. Not really. But since last year, I have been trying to get the creativity more flowing so I started doing all sorts of handicraft things and took the advice of some of the people who write a lot, and just started writing. 8.15 in the morning, the alarm goes off and I wake up for 15 minute session of writing. So I have orders for crochet tablecloths which keep me disciplined with that and writing slot I need to fill – that is very good motivator, once the decision is made.

With writing, it was interesting to just write down whatever comes to mind, this way you clean up the mess or all the hundreds and hundreds of ideas until you get to those couple you want to work with. For me, there is a story lining up, a story that will probably will never see the light of day since it is so primitive, and secondly I finally translated some of the blog-posts I have on my company website. Like Career in the age of the App and How to create an awesome team. I still have a lot of work and lot of ideas for that, so fingers crossed!

Since I am packing all my stuff, I found loads of material left by my grandmother and crochet is one of the things I can do, Christmas were coming and I just started doing it. Really relaxing and nice to see the outcome so quickly. With crochet, I begun to use more Pinterest, where I uploaded my pics as well. It is a tricky thing to do a picture that represents the real thing well. I need to work on that, hopefully my uncle will help, he is an old-school photographer and I really like his attention to detail (runs in the family).

Wish you loads of creativity!

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