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Daily life @ZeroTurnaround in pictures

Since I am not as talkative while back in Estonia, I believe I can share some pictures of where and with whom I am spending my time. Most of the time I am in Tartu, Ülikooli 2, V floor in the fresh’n’cool office of ZeroTurnaround. The fun part is that I had the chance to handle the building and decoration of the office as part of my job there. The outcome seems quite cool, now if I could find a perfect place in Tallinn to do the same.
View to my desk. I said I live in a holiday feeling with palm trees or similar
We can offer some competition to the cafes in Tartu. Good coffee, nice atmosphere, all necessary to make from pancakes to turkey in the oven. Soon we will have cocktail nights as well
The first ever JAVA conference in Estonia. Chance to meet the players of the field
Cool colleagues …

And of course good after-work times
So I have pretty much everything I need to have a great time every day.
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