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Easter Egg Special


Eggs are good for you for so many reasons. I have started eating eggs more due to my training in karate and kayaking. Plus I found a person from whom I get happy and eco eggs, so that’s good. But this week, there is another reason to use and give attention to eggs and that’s Easter time. So here’s three things I did using eggs – all in one day, to be honest. Happy Easter! Be sure to see my last on the list, sure to give you as smile 😉

1. Coconut-egg white kisses

I have been meaning to try meringue kisses for a while now, so today of all days seemed like a good day to try something that is almost all egg food. To make it a bit more and exotic, I added some coconut (on top of sugar) and here’s the result:

IMGP5449 IMGP5452 IMGP5604

How to do it?

– 4 egg whites – whip with 100 grams of white sugar until the egg whites are very hard.
– add 200 grams of coconut flakes and extra 100 grams of sugar. Stir slowly until even.
– make small “kiss”-like shapes with small table spoons.
– put the pan in the oven 150 degrees C – keep ca 20 minutes.

The result is very sweet and yummy.

2. Banana – coffee and fluffy egg bread

– Put 5 dl white flower, 1 teaspoon of soda and 2 table spoons of baking powder in one bowl, mix.
– In another bowl, mix room temperature butter (150grams) with sugar (200 grams), add two eggs and whisk it until fluffy.
– add cold strong coffee (0,5 dl) and mashed bananas (2-3) and the flower mixture to the egg-and-butter.
– Mix lightly until even.
– Put in the oven in a regular bread form, 175 degrees C, 50-60 minutes.

Forgot to take the picture of an actual bread, this is how I gave it as a house warming-Ester party present.
Forgot to take the picture of an actual bread, this is how I gave it as a house warming-Ester party present.

3. A boiled egg Minion

My favorite! I can’t wait for the minion movie to come to the cinemas this summer, and I saw this tutorial of egg-minions and I took a chance when my niece was coloring the eggs today. I wasn’t so good at it, but still, it was fun!


Happy minion!
Happy minion!


Enjoy the Easter time together with friends&family. Back to training on Monday!

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