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When I was round 5 years old, I was heading home together with my grandmother. In front of a outdoor flower market (TUru str, TURU pood – for the Estonians) I asked my grandma’ to buy me some flowers. She said no. I asked another buquet. She said no. I really did want them, they were so beautiful and costed something like 5 crowns (though say 11 years ago). She still did not buy them for me.

We went to wait the bus just 5m from the flowers. All of a sudden a flower saleswoman came and gave me the flowers! Yes, you truly get all you REALLY and pure-heartedly want.

Today, as I was passing Tartu Kaubamaja (a shopping hall in the centre of Tartu) I saw the same flowers. 10 crowns today. I bought them. As a memory of my grandma. I didn’t think it as an irony, but as I think of it now, it kinda is 😀

The buquet can be seen on the picture.
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