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Gaudeamus igitur … Café at the University Library

Tartu University library is a place to be for anyone who is/has/will be studying in Tartu. For the ones already been through that know, that the café there was not much to talk about when it came to food and glamour. but what do you expect, all a student needs is a coffee and some pastries, and cheap, right?

Now, I believe in the beginning of April they opened a new café there. Though I haven’t been dining there alone, I attended a conference where the food was offered in the café and I just have to say very good words about the chocolate cake there! It is very difficult to make a good, juicy chocolate cake, to be honest (for example one in Truffee is not very good though it probably costs more). But this was very fresh, soft, and juicy…. Coffee was a regular filter coffee.

On the right: In Gaudeamus café, you need to take your plates back yourself. The sign says: “The trays are slippery!”

On the left: he yummy cake and a small cafe for lunch- nice!

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