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Holiday weekend by the lake Peipsi.

The parents of my friend Kairit live near Peipsi lake (bordering Russia) in a beautiful and peaceful place called Kasekesa. Since Kairit’s husband decided to go somewhere and Kairit came here with Paul and since I haven’t seen my “step” parents (Kairit’s parents – I lived with them for a month and since then I consider them as my “ronga vanemad”, let’s just say as strange step parents). To cut things short, some pictures.
The plan here is to read a lot of crime and love stories, go to sauna, make a cake (already made – People’s Favorite white chocolate and strawberry cake), eat a lot of meat made by Kairit’s father, who is a hunter. And be with kairit and Paul and just relax and learn how the young mothers make it (Paul just started to cry…. we are trying to make him sleep)

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