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How to make friends?

With all the holiday clean-ups, my mother gave me a box of books that she for some reason had two. Mongst them were Estonian classic like A.H. Tammsaare “Tõde ja õigus” but also Dale Garnegie “How to win friends and influence people”. Since I had never read but heard a lot of it and you can never have too many friends, I started to read it.

THe book is written very well and is easy to read and there truly are some good points that we should at least take consider. All within reason, of course.

I will write down the “6 ways to make yourself pleasant to others”. this is as far as I have got with the book.

1. Show real interest to other people.
2. Smile
3. Remember, that a persons name is the prettiest to her/him
4. Be a good listener
5. Talk about things that interest your partner
6. Make other person feel important -and do it straight away!

These are actually quite simple things and show mostly good behaviour, more or less… but yet sometimes so difficult to do, since we also are those “other people” who want to be important 😀

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