This week-end has been a strange but personally developing. Started on Friday at Mart’s place who is now moving from Tartu to Tallinn. We have spent many nice evenings at his place during university time (Studying religion with bread and wine 😛 my favourite memory from that time).
The weekend continued near Tartu, where I visited and stayed over at a friends place. Basically the usual summer activities: waking up late, eating berries and drinking lots of water, sunbathing and reading. I did finish a whole book (J. Vitale “The Key. The Missing Secret for Attracting Everything You Want“, u can find it in Amazon). The book was ok, but I don’t advise you to read such things in one day – your head gets messed up. I ended up thinking “I Love You” and other mantras suggested the whole day and night and day. I am waiting for a Miracle now :P.

Today, Sunday, back in my appartement. Cleaned a bit (part of Getting Anything You Want ritual) my home to make it more comfortable. The day was nice and I felt the urge to swim. So I went to the AURA water centre since I just heard that they are open again. Did three laps (its not the short ones during summer – a round is 100m), I need more training since my stamina was not as it used to be. Sauna. Shops. Bought myself new memorystick and computer mouse and earphones that match (white, hihii) – this is the first cost for my self-employed entrepreneural-life. And I bought new Nike’s for running. The shop attendant in Sportland was adorable, she helped me find what I needed. I hope to get an hour of running in some days now. Wanna join me?

After swimmin-shoppin I thought it is time to try lux part of the day and went to the Caprice cafe in the city centre and took a Mojito with, well, something like doghnuts (with cottage cheese and a strawberry). I got a book about why French women don’t get fat and was reading it. It was a nice late afternoon.

So no it is almost nine, there is nothin on TV, I am still cleanin bit of my flat, thinking about the upcoming week and my life. There are some changes coming, I can feel it in my bones. It has been far to quiet lately.

I will add some articles I read today and suggest you to read as well.
The Little But Really Useful Guide To Creativity
Warrior of the Light: Things as They Are – really put my today’s thoughts into bigger picture. Been feeling like that for some time now.

By the way: I LOVE YOU