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In the heart of Europe?

From 13th of February I am getting to know the so named “capital of Europe”, Brussel, Belgium. I have long wanted and waited this trip and thanks to my friend Kairit, who is here and can lend a couch to sleep, I took the trip now.

Its my fourth day here already and it feels like – well – everywhere else. Don’t get me wrong, I like it, it serves my purpose of traveling like you we’re not traveling at all. Home is were the heart is, right?

The capital of Europe seems to me a combination of Scandinavian countries (especially reminding me Copenhagen) when it comes to buildings and surrounding environment. Except for the fantastic mountains of Norway, of course. The people are more like from southern Europe, which they are, really.

On my first days here I visited Michiel and Elke in Leuven. It was a nice trip to a beautiful Tartu-size university town, where I found out, that not everywhere is smoking not allowed in the cafes. I must say I am very happy that it is banned in Estonia.

We did have a nice belgian beer called Leffe and had a quiet Valentines day evening in cafe/restaurant Notre Dame.

Monday was my great Walking Day. Kairit lives approximately 25 minutes from the city centre, which is no problemo. I met an old friend of mine, whom I hadn’t seen years, for a lunch in Arcadi and went for a walking tour in town. That walking tour ended up getting lost on the way back home and thus making an 1-2h detour. But I saw a lot, even the places I didn’t plan to.

More of that when I am back from the meetin with the local JCI-s

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