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Interesting word: Engage

Lately I have come across the word – “engage”, not the ring and two people in love “engage”, but engaged as

*to occupy the attention or efforts of (a person or persons)
*to deal with especially at length.

So the word that stands for involvement to something in a longer period and with somewhat passion or desire. 

I know it is not a revelation, but more and more I feel how big difference it has to the effect of the outcome when you do something a) very well or b) when you do something with engagement. The fact that you do something very well, let’s say even perfectly, does not always guarantee the satisfaction for you nor the beneficiaries. Whereas when you are engagement, it is the process, the enjoyment of the activities rather than the outcome that gives you the satisfaction and usually, the outcome is better as well.

You can see it constantly on those talent shows, X factor’s, etc. The judges praise the technical part – the flawlessness of the dance or singing, but this will almost always be topped by the person who can inject some engagement to his/her performance.

I will concentrate on that word for the following weeks, let’s see what happens.
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