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JCI Estonia Annual Convention vol 2: WTF is Social Media?

Better late than never, right?

One of the key speakers and lectures for me at the JCI Estonia Annual Convention (www.jci.ee/astra) was by Robin Gurney (Altex) with the topic “


is Social Media?”.

He presented us a slideshow by Jacquelin Cyr (if I am correct) and the slides themselves you can see next. I, of course, had to have my own slideshare slide space 😛 See here: http://www.slideshare.net/liisitoom. Only some personal branding slides in Estonians for now.So the slides are here:

What I learned and noted:

* I will repeat that again and again: EVERYTHING YOUE EVER PUT THERE IS THERE FOR LIFE.

* We create value through engaging with our colleagues through social media communication.

* E-mail marketing in US is bulls***, in Baltics it is brilliant.

* 66% of the world uses Social Media. It’s an unstoppable train.It is like amplification of the real communication. I find someting i like and SHARE it with other 1 billion people. One even shares things (s)he really doesn’t want to but can’t do without.

* Social Media is NOT about pushing marketing messages to people’s brains. It is not just an advertising channel.

Important when going to Social Media:

1. Have a strategy – without it its dangerous. What u want, what are goals?

2. How to create communication: SM is not the answer to everything, if u have crappy product, its gonna amplify the noise around it. All SM is like a big fat amplifier – you have nowhere to hide.

Links: twitter.zappos.com

I liked that Robin stressed that a dissatisfied customer is good ‘cos you learn from it and can improve.

Basic rules of Social Media:

Rule 1: Listen. google alerts, tweedeck; socialmentions, Rss, for starters.

Rule 2: Engage – use your expertize to add value

Rule 3: Measure – the time spent, audience, engagement, influence, actions.

So now all off to make plans! You do not need a marketing company for that!

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