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Kayaking season 2015 has begun / Süstahooaeg 2015 on alanud

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In 2014, I caught the kayaking-bug.

  • First, training in the pool to do eskimo roll, which I succeeded. You can see my eskimo roll here, thanks to Hillar from Ekstreempark (Extreme Park).
  • Second, stamina and technique training on Suur Emajõgi, a “Mother’s river” in Tartu, basically next door from my home, Sõudmise ja aerutamise klubi “Tartu” (paddling club “Tartu”). You can see some pics and read how my kayaking training went here. In total I managed to take a almost 30 km kayaking trip on the river by the end of October. Good we had such a mild winter.
  • Third, after the water was frozen, I continued with gym and karate training to keep me healthy, active and strong. Did an orange-belt exam.

2015 kayaking season start and expectations

This is what made me take the call to my trainer - can I go???
This is what made me take the call to my trainer – can I go???

One day, a week ago I was walking in my neighborhood, which is mostly by the river I go kayaking and saw a person on a kayak. Immediately I took out my phone and called my trainer (voted THE best trainer in paddling for 4 times). He didn’t let me on the river for safety reasons – the shore was still under ice. But,

  • the kayaking training season started officially on 26th of February, just few kilometers to get the feeling followed by a bit longer trip on 27th. Still very laid back. Few ice caps on the river. But now boats and only few kayakers. More space for me.
  • 28th of February – my dream to try and kayak on a sea was completed. I must have paid from my imaginary funds to the Weather Man, as the Baltic sea was truly calm. After my initial nervousness (butterflies in the stomach, you know the adrenaline before the pleasure expected), few strokes with the paddle, a comforting guide Ahti from Eastpole Kayaks, who was kayaking next to me, I forgot the nerves and focused and enjoyed the trip. 7 km from Miiduranna harbour to Pirita Harbour and back. I was lucky as the waves weren’t that high, but just enough to get the open sea feeling. Interestingly enough, it is much scarier to have waves on the river. Hm, don’t know why. I also practiced looking back and sideways – yes, I am actually scared of looking anywhere else but straight ahead in a kayak – I don’t want to rock the boat. But on the sea, I felt quite ok doing it. Let’s see if it continues tomorrow on the river.
Ice still melting on the river
Ice still melting on the river
Distance marker on my second training of the year
Distance marker on my second training of the year

This year will determine whether the kayaking “thing” will continue for me or not, as I have set some goals in order to decide whether to buy my own kayak.

  • 60 km distance
  • eskimo turn in a river/sea
  • feeling comfortable moving, turning, doing stuff in a kayak
  • maybe learning to be stable in the competition kayaks, the not-stable ones.
  • ability to freely help others who have fallen in.
  • slalom-kayaking ?…

Simple things, but things that would both develop my skills and thus the comfort and enjoyment in kayaking and let me have some challenges and action.


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