So here it goes, my last week in my job as a communication director. It has been interesting, to say the least.

I started on 15th of September 2008 having sent my CV to ENM just as I suggest anyone else: choose what you want to do and where you want to do it and then go there. I did and by “chance” the position I hadn’t even named myself, was offered. And we clicked well. The first year was amazingly crazy – the great anniversary f the Museum. Didn’t really have the time to breathe. The year ended. Came another year with new challenges but also with a temptation to start dealing with another topic dear to me, personal branding. I thought long, I thought hard. And all things lead to decision that I will quit my job now and see what happens.
It is a risk since I didn’t actually plan for it. But I had to take it.

So that is in a week now – Today will be the last week in Estonian National Museum as a Communication Director. Let’s take the maximum of it! And we will all drink champagne (ok, sparkling wine) on Friday! And until the day I will have the job where I can actually buy champagne :P.

Director of Communication in ENM 15.09.2008-31.10.2010 🙂