It is Monday! YEY! To fight against blue Mondays, you’ve got to make the morning great. And if you are like me and have several projects and also many trainings, you will need energy and support for body and mind. Smoothies, I have realized, are a great way to kick start a day. So here’s another one of my favorites that I just made to start this lovely week with kayaking training, 7 mountain hike and the last karate training in May.

Fresh from the blender - and you can have a fresh start of the week.
Fresh from the blender – and you can have a fresh start of the week.

Pineapple-banana smoothie breakfast

3 fat slices of pineapple (fresh!)

1 banana (smaller is better, not to overtake the taste)

ca 150 ml water

ca 100 ml of coconut milk

handful of oats (regular, not fast cooking ones)

hand-full of almonds

4-5 dried dates

Few ice-cubes to frwshen’ up things

Put in the blender. Blend. garnish with some oats and coconut shreds. Drink. Makes approx 2-3  glasses of breakfast smoothie.


What’s your secret recipe for having a good start of the week? PS: Right job you wait to go to can be of HUGE help :). Take care and stay tuned, at least two new walking routes in Estonia to come!

Liisi Toom
walking lifestyle promoter, bloggerlifestyle coach

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