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@ Lennart Meri Tallinn Airport

The journey has begun. I have had a great 1st vacation day – I have done all the things I value in this life – I spent time with me (got my shoes fixed and chose clothes ;)), spent time with my wonderful brother’s little daughter, she is just adorable! I met my mom and had a chat&coffee. Then I finally had the time to write about my views on the topic of A.Rybak and Norway and foreign relations. And then I met my good friend in Tallinn – so much in one day.

To be honest, one of the things I planned to do during the vacation – to buy a parfume in the airport, cos its cheaper, is already done – there was a sale (-40%!!!) in the √úlemiste shops and I bought Thierry Mugler’s parfume Angel which I’ve been hunting for some time now. So there goes the vacation money…

oops, they call me to gate nr 8. Chiao!

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