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Make It Count

Today is just another day. Today is the time that matters. The results you might see after a month, a
year, maybe in 10 years. I can clearly remember December 2010 and what I did back then that has brought me to today. My decisions back then and in the beginning of 2011 have brought me to:

1. My own PR company Persoonibrändi Agentuur with brilliant clients like Norwegian-Estonian Chamber of Commerce, Laomaailm, Uus Maa. It is the first time for me to be involved and manage a business (not a NGO/governmental organization) and I think I like it :).

2. Working at ZeroTurnaround, an innovative software company, with the team of brilliant minds and sky-is-not-the-limit attitude. I helped with building the two offices for the teams, where people could enjoy working and feel like home and helped bringing the java-brains to Estonian engineers in Geekout.

3. Travels to Norway (twice), Crete and Spain.

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An important person to help organize the GeekCreteTrip: Heinz
4. Tennis. Oh, that was one of the greatest things this year. Total moment of freedom (just like climbing the seven mountains).
5. Orchids. There was a time when I promised that one day I am stable enough that I can grow an orchid. I have 3 big and two small orchids now and two of them has a second round of blooms. I did it!
I guess it was a year of creating something of my own and doing things for the first time, with people I care about, I am not very good at reporting on it, but that is at least what I feel. The new year will challenge me with HOW I will manage to do things more in depth and not to grab so many new things at once. So it will be all about taking my work to the new level.
My secret place for contemplation and meditation in Estonia
I also want to do a rafting licence and find a mountain to climb and get better in tennis. And learn Spanish and Norwegian. And finish my Masters degree in Communication Management in Tartu Uni. phew, hopefully nothing else.

Lets see in a year, what has fulfilled. Have a great Just-Another-Evening today! And lets make it count.

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