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Making dreams come true: my personal training camp in South of France

In the middle of no-where is a good place when you are in Provence, France
In the middle of no-where is a good place when you are in Provence, France

French was the first language I learned. I still can’t speak it, but I like it. France was one of my dream destination “to live minimum of 6 months”, it was either France or Spain. As it happened, I ended up living in Spain. But I always kept thinking that if Spain doesn’t work out and I don’t want to come back to Estonia, I will go to France to a small house in the middle of nowhere where nobody speaks English. And I would write. As I have been in South of France before thanks to a friend, I knew a place that would be ideal. That’s a place I am today. Not for 6 months (perhaps), but for 1 month.


As somebody recently told me “You are even more goal-orientated as I am”, I have to have a goal, a reason.
So here are three+1 reasons that I took out a month to go away again:

1. Because I love the region and I want to explore it
2. I want to learn French and to be able to better to understand and speak it
3. To write a book, blogs, anything. To get that habit.
4. To learn a few new habits that I feel I cannot live without anymore and to get rid of habits that don’t serve me.

The first point will be covered by attending local events, speaking to locals, travelling around, walking.
The second – I have my old books, I listen to local radio and speak with French who cannot speak English, or don’t want. That’s fine by me. Already ordered cafe au lait and asked for an invoice in French 

The third – of it is difficult. A mind is a strange thing. Even if you WANT it, you cannot get past the bad habits, lazyness and doubts. But that brings me to the last point. Habits.


I shall become the olive tree (read the book I mentioned - you'll understand
I shall become the olive tree (read the book I mentioned – you’ll understand

Being a solopreneur for the last 5 years, being quite lazy I have created habits that do not let me reach my potential (sounds cliche, but hey, its true). I happened to come across actor McConaughey’s interview where he mentioned a book that changed his life. I looked it up, you can download it here. And I am taking this as a cornerstone of building new habits (not sure what they will be). Slowly I am building a habit to write, to balance better, less clutter, less pointless activities also less people I don’t like, situations that are not great.

My personal training camp

So this will be my one month personal training session with myself. The toughest coach I have ever had . If I take the liberty to demand things, discipline from my clients, I should do it myself, otherwise I don’t feel I am authentic. And that value is the basis of my work.

What you will be finding for the following month from this blog:

– culture of France.
– coaching for your unique lifestyle.
– hopefully walking trips in France.

If you want to join my personal training month and set your own goals, then you are free to join. We will set your goals for the coming month, set the new habit you want to get, we have once a week coaching where you have to map what is done and what is not. And after a month we will make a full session on how to implement it in your everyday life for the coming year.

See more about this vacation coaching offer here.

I wish you a great summer and feel free to contact me, ask me how I am and invite me for a walk or coffee while in Provence!

PS: Ibiza is a great place to take vacation, so is Estonia and Norway!

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