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Me, myself and other (2) animals

You know my infatuation with cats, right? Well, its like with children – love to play with them when they are not yours. When you have to be with them for 24/7, its a bit different.

I have been a caretaker of my dear rabbit Tommi and cat Gotu for 3 days now (4 to go), since my mother went for a holiday with her husband, so they brought the two animals to my place (thank god they don’t have a dog anymore!). The problem is mostly with the cat since he is used to spending most of his time outside and I can’t let that happen here, where I live. He’d never come back and might be killed here.

The other serious problem is that they are heary! So my flat is heary. A Lot. I have hair on my computer screen, on my clothes, on my food. Yuk. But I do like cats, really. Just not in my flat. And one should really take an animal to a flat only when it is 1. really really small and won’t mind (even my rabbit wants to get out), 2. when it is an animal that is meant to live in small spaces. Cats definately are not. ok, maybe some.

NAyways, I am again reminded that I will not take a cat a.s.a.p.

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