In personal branding trainings I sometimes ask people to think about their tombstone when they are dead and what is written on it. What would you like people to say about you or what would you like people to know about you that is so specifically YOU. This morning, I was going to my training and listened to music and Enrique Iglesias’s “Can You Hear Me” started and all of a sudden I had this vision about the video, starring me playing tennis (for starters). There is another music video where tennis playing is the main thing, so my idea could have got its inspiration from there. Anyway, I started to play with the idea and tried to discover, what is happening in my life and what I would like this 3:43 minutes filled that would say- “That is Liisi Toom, the “That was really cool. And come on, I act like I want everyone to hear me :D, so the song is just perfect.

So here is my video, starred by Mr Iglesias, but maybe one day….

What song would you like to compose a video for? What roles would you play there? What would it say about you?