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Movie Horrible Bosses: Best laugh in a long time

I did not expect much from the movie “Horrible Bosses“, since it looks like a regular movie you watch to just spend some time. But I was not expecting 120 minutes of humor that you just can’t believe. The three guys were just amazing, though bosses behaved over the top (as normal in American movies) and the Cat! God I think everyone just jumped of fright! Go see it, then you’ll understand.

It’s just amazing how bad a try to murder your boss can turn out and how bad some bosses can be 🙂 A really good movie for those who don’t like their bosses too much, you will get some inspiration how to change the situation. And an excellent movie after what you will be thankful for the boss you have. I am a lucky girl to have a good boss. 

Loved the humor and felt for their despair. And I am quite sure, someone somewhere is in the same situation.

Definitely go and see it! You will get a good laugh!

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