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New Year’s resolutions and how to keep them :P

Happy Holidays to ALL! May the new year bring what you want from it! Remember – You define what is possible and what is not!
To help you make decisions and give guidelines, I will add some articles and blog-posts that will help you put your wishes on the paper and make them happen.

1. A history of New Year’s Resolutions
2. The Definite Guide to Sticking to Your New Year’s Resolutions
3. Mida ma tegelikult vajan aastal 2010?
4. 5 praktilist soovitust paremaks uueks aastaks
5. How to Make A New Year’s Resolution and Keep It
6. Use Dreaminder to remind you of the promises
7. Dreamline by Timothy Ferriss (Excel and pdf). Easy document form to write down your goals. It shows how easy it is to actually get what you want.

Do you know any good sites? What are you promising to yourself?

PS: The picture is of a Pontiac that I once considered my dream car – I saw it a week ago and was reminded of that dream . . .a hint?

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