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On a last day of Christmas… no…visit to Belgium

I basically sat in a cafe called foodmaker. Definatelly I suggest to all who wish to spend nice time reading a book, having a good cofe and eating fresh and tasty food.

We did visid Michiel during Kairit’s lunchtime, it took quite a long time to find him, but the surpris on his face (and ours, since we thought he was sick) was worth it. He is such a nice guy. I am so glad that she was there to help Kairit get accustomed to Belgium even though he didn’t know her at all and me only little bit.

I must admit the day was long since my plane left at 20.05 and I went to the airport at 18. But I managed to read almost the whole book “Fame fatale” (if anyone wants to read girly stuff to relax your brain, let me know).

At the airport I finally got my very own Starbucks cup! Yes! I like fancy stuff when it comes to coffee. thats just the way it is.

So now this travel has ended. I would go back there but only for a meeting or conference or sth like that, or do more plans 🙂 I think what this trip teached me the most is that on vacations you should not aim to “live as it was a normal day” – the type of travel I have always aimed. Not anymore. I want to get more out of the travels from now on.

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