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Plans are not to be followed

Well, my big plan to visit the chocolate museum in Brussel did not work out. yes, I passed it several times, even had time to step in, but decided otherwise.

On Wednesday I met a new friend, Kaisa (from Finland, living in Brussel) and spent some nice time in downtown. She has aplan to start a business selling salty wafles so we tried the best wafles in Brussel, au naturel. While we had the wafle, I had a picture made in front of the famous Manneken pis, naked one this time. Really touristy. We then went to a very nice little cafe next to the statue and had another nice cup of coffee. Coffee is really good in Belgium! Fullbodied and tasty. What I did notice is that take away coffee is not pop there as it is in Estonia. They like their coffee drank slowly and with enjoyment.

Did I mention they still smoke in the cafes? yeah, cant get over it, that kinda ruins the nice time in cafes.

After the coffee we went “shopping”. Well, if you consider Liisi running around nervously, disliking everything as “shopping”. Its the effect of the last day-I just seem to not find nor like anything. SO in the end I gave up and we went to a kind of canteen on top of the City 2 store and had some french fries and chatted about life. It was much better than shopping.

In the evening we did some laundry with Kairit, I threw away some clothes and got some new from Kairit- a neverending try to minimize my wardrobe.

It was pretty much the only night we actually had time to chat with Kairit…

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