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Who’s got the power? The man who tells people to do things the way he wants or the man who behaives in a way that people want to follow him. It is the everending story of the sun and the wind. I am sure you have met people who want to show you your place, people who want to feel that they have the power, people, who feel that without power, nothing can happen.

I like (surprisesurprise) something Tom (Peters) has said – that real power has the one without power. Cos only he can make something grand :).

Often times we believe we can’t do something because we don’t have the power. Tom reminds us that “getting things done is not about formal power or rank. It is ultimately about passion, imagination, and persistence.

Having power is nonsense.
You execute it.
You are frustrated that your desires are not fulfilled.
You get what you wanted and you get an ego boost and
want even more.

Usually the ones with the real power do not like the “public display of power. And it is always fun to look people who gain power in the expence of others. Just because they think they are smarter. No respect. But what is respect, right?

 I enjoy and admire people who forget the world and do their thing;
who forget the money, and do their thing;
who forget the hiarchy, and do their thing;
who know what they can and can’t, and do their thing;
who do not try to play Power just to show they have the Power.

Who has the Power?

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