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Rain, Rain, Voss, Rain

Voss is a small town I used to live for three months back in oh, 2003. It is a great place for extreme sports, so we figured we come for rafting. Unfortunately the weather has been realy bad for the last days, so no rafting happened. Instead, lot of cafe-s, walking around, watching a movie with Gunnvor and imported wine and shopping happened.

I did visit the Tre Brörs cafe I found in Facebook, their burger is quite nice, and it seems that the locals pack the place up every time there is a dj. I found a by-cycle in the water and visited my dear old Fleischers where I used to work. In fact, that is where I am using the internet right now.

What I didn’t like is the new culture house, which is a new building combining library, a cinema and tourist information and that looks just out of place here. It is like with Tartu, after building one ugly building, all you can do is to build other ugly buildings to make everything harmonize. Sad.

But the rest seems to be like the good’old’times.

Oh, and two days ago we got the information about the Islandic ash-cloud, well… I am not sure if I’d mind if that it would stop our return. It is the time of my trip that I do not understand why I am not living in this country.

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