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Real Economic Depression: Libraries are for FREE?!?

How should I start. Well, the media talks about economic depression, people are being fired from work, etc.etc.etc.

Today I read something, that really surprised me, though, now to think of it, it might also be because of the Internet-age.

Anyways, I read a magazine published by a bookstore. One of the stories was for children and about children’s book. The headline of a paragraph was BOOKS FOR F-R-EE. And it is a story about a girl who found out and cheered that school-library is for free!!! That you can borrow books for free. Gosh, now we have to promote books by saying that they are for free in the library? Or what?

Strange, anyhow.

I like books, I have approximately 10 next to my bed and I am reading about 4 of them at the moment.

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