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Ryanair, my first experience

There is a saying in Estonia “Kes sind ikka kiidab kui ise ei kiida” (sth like “Who else will boast about you if not yourself”) exactly that I felt when Ryanair landed in Rygge, 20 minutes early, with all the horns blowing and people clapping and a machine voice saying that Ryanair has the highest percentage of on time arrivals. Good to know.

Since I was stingy, I did not pay for normal luggage, only took a hand-luggage, which meant that I actually didn’t have a proper cabin bag for it, which meant I ended up going with my fabric bag, all stuff budged in somehow. Need to buy a bag in Spain.


Had a lovely some hours talking about pregnancy, terrorism, weather and prices in Norway with Camilla and Svein Ivar. Camilla managed to come and visit me in the airport, even though she is about to give birth ( I made a bet on what sex the baby is, let’s see). Hopefully next week she will come with a baby.

Surprisingly the wireless in here is fantastic! But now plugs!!!!

But the flight to Malaga awaits, vi snakkes snart!

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