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Saturday Sushi Fever

Two years ago when Triinu introduced me to sushi-world, I could not understand the taste of it. Not my cup of tea, I’d say. Especially wasabi. Last months I have been addicted to fresh salmon and wasabi, I have bought all kinds of sushi making things and today I tried my first makis and nigris (not sure of the terms yet). I have also found my own new favorite maki with shrimps and avocado, covered with wasabi and dipped in a nice soja.

It is funny how little you need to eat sushis’ and how much taste you feel when you take your time to enjoy each millisecond. You can vary with so many fillings and the extra flavors of wasabi and soja sauce give an extra touch. And how healthy it all is! I just bought a rice book and I am planning to try out weather the saying: one bowl of rice can feed you for a whole week” holds true. Well, not that dramatically, maybe, but I definitely will try 2 weeks of rice-fish-vegetables meny.

Anyway, I have 24 makis on my plate now. Care to visit me for a smashing breakfast?


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