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Settling in. Tabelware from Keith Brymer Jones

It was few years ago that I found a nice white expensive cup in Norway. And anyone who knows me, knows I like my cups. I choose my cups. I liked that one, made by Keith Brymer Jones. I bought two. I broke one quite soon.

As I have moved so much I don’t have proper tableware at home. These recent years, though, I seem to be choosing Estonia as my home. Don’t worry, I will be travelling and writing about hikes and location I like.

So this Christmas I decided to buy a collection of tableware and through out the old ones I have. One step closer to my ideal home. Let’s be honest, I tried to find the right plates in Estonia, some from Ittala and Villery and Boch were nice, but I didn’t get the right vibe, so I had to go back to Keith Brymer Jones website and buy his tableware. I still need some more, but this is a start. I now have enough cups, few plates and bowls. I want the cake holder and more plates and bowls. Maybe next year.

What I like about his products is for one: SIMPLICITY, secondly a small detail that makes a DIFFERENCE and STANDS OUT (the writings on the plates), thirdly: EMOTION (WHAT the words on the plates are saying) which allow me to create a unique set that expresses you and your unique style. Everything I teach in my Personal Branding Agency.

Unwrapping my present: Tableware by Keith Brymer Jones

IMAG0974 IMAG0975

Now I am getting nice plates and bowls. Like a real person :D
Now I am getting nice plates and bowls. Like a real person 😀
I love my cups
I love my cups

Have a happy holidays, everyone!

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