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Signs that I am a PR professional

So I found this blogpost about 53 signs that you work in public relations and though I was a bit sceptical about it, like “so what is this now” I must say it did describe a life of a PR professional quite well. Here are some of my favorites that definitely apply to me with some comments:

2. You can power-walk in 5-inch heels with your laptop bag while checking your BlackBerry. (In my case, HTC Incredible)

4. You constantly engage in “PR is dead” and “the press release doesn’t have a place in business” arguments. I would add that I constantly have to justify why PR is important in the first place and WHAT it really is and how it is involved in a clients every day life. I am starting to really pick clients who can answer those questions themselves first.

13. Your BlackBerry sleeps with you every night. Your better half does not.  Add a laptop and a paper and pen, just in case the idea comes so fast that I don’t want to spend time on opening the computer/dictaphone. And Tom Peters “The Brand Called You 50”

(Nr 31 will cover this and combines nr 16: 31. You wake from a dream in the middle of the night, rolling over to grab the pen and paper you keep on your nightstand to jot it down so you won’t forget an idea for yet another crazy PR stunt. Work on the mind during the day and work on the mind while you sleep! (Source)

Usually you don’t see a PR person in front of a camera, this is a nice shot of me on a  Estonian National Museum’s 100 anniversary event where the Estonian President was at. PR pro at work. 

My ultimate favorite and so absolutely true:
16. “Relax” time is in the shower when you always seem to come up with the best PR pitches. (Source)
This is just so true as it is so boring that is so true:
23. You engage in weekly conversations with your clients that start with, “Why weren’t we included in this WSJ article?”   (In Estonia, change it to Eesti Päevaleht fronptage, ETV or TV3 news, Äripäev, …etc)
Love this one, so unfortunately true:
30. You rely on to-do lists (yes, plural) to get you through your day, but often don’t get to cross anything off until 4 p.m. (after managing a few surprise crises). (Source)

32. You can’t look at or listen to any form of media without thinking, “My client should be on/in that.” (Source). Yep, dear clients, I would do anything for you and I am thinking about you 24h.

LOUGHING OUT LOUD (since it is so true :D):
40. At cocktail parties, you speak in quotable sound bites. (Source)

I should add some points, but maybe I will use this as an inspiration and input to my public relations agency’s blogpost. (one point would be: you always find a way to anchor or refer to your contacts/webpage/facebook-page/linkedin page, twitter page 😛 and sharing the post in Twitter to Facebook and LinkedIn using bit.ly to know how many will read it :DDD).

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