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Smoothy: Virgin Black-Currant Piña Colada

Sun is out, weather is warm and it is time to eat light and enjoy summer drinks. Smoothies are definitely the right things to test and keep you active and healthy!

To do that, I got myself a great blender (crushes ice like it were soft butter) and lots of fruits, syrups, juices.

Today’s try, I call “Virgin Black-Currant Piña Colada“,

Enjoy the summer!

0,3l natural yoghurt (the one with no taste)
0.2l pomegranate drink
ca 100-200gr of frozen black-currants
1 pear
5 soup-spoons of pina colada syrup

And blend it. To soften it up you can add vanilla ice cream and to make it more refreshing, add ice (and blend – makes it something like those brain coolers). I just took whole cubes of ice and put them in the class.

Let me know how you like it!

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