The past week was an interesting test for me. A lot of old thought patterns were challenged and I think I managed them very well. I am proud of myself.

All in all I managed to keep my regular meditations and added some nuances (started with acupressure each day on myself to learn some new tricks).

I am back on the game when it comes to massage, for which I am very glad because it helps other people and gives me a chance to do something completely different. My friend Airi also gave me a new book about massage! Now I can learn even more things and help people .

On Monday I donated blood – it was the first time I also almost fainted there :), but it was great. I suggest everyone who can give blood. You never know when you might need it yourself.

Wednesday was a day off at work though I still needed to go there for a meeting. Since I was hurrying, my banck-card dropped in the snow and I couldn’t find it. Later during the day I got a phone call – the card was found! I got it back like after 5-6 hours.
I enjoyed also the company of Ingeli that day, we ate biscuits, had a long walk in the snow and draw lines on the paper. She is adorable!

Friday Airi came and we spent a nice evening with Kaia and Airi celebrating Kaia’s birthday. It is nice to meet friends and talk about every-day life and be philosophical.

Every morning now you can hear birds singing so loudly that when you are not looking out the window it feels like spring. Can’t wait the warmth.

Throughout the week I had also a challenge, something that I have always had a problem with and I think I finally found the strenght in me to change my regular behaviour and get over the problem. Will see next week 🙂

Today, on Saturday I spent a day with Alar videotaping me for the conference next week. If it is ready, I’ll put a link here as well.