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Summary of 2009 of Liisi Toom

To make it short, here is the listing of important things I did/learned in 2009 on a monthly basis.

Focus on work in Estonian National Museum – it was the first full year as a communication director for me, all the plans to be made, new projects to be started (e.g. Turism Quality Programme)

I also started as a full fledged JCI member, first event in Rapla. Great party, met lot of new people and started also as a PR director of JCI Estonia.

I had three travelling goals for 2009, one was in February when I visited, as promised, my friend Kairit in Belgium, Brussels. I had always wanted to see that country. I also started this blog there. And tried out manymany good Belgium beers (for those who don’t know me: I am not a beer drinker regularly). What I didn’t know then, was that my two good friends were already pregnant and I was to become an “aunt” to them as well…

My dear grandmother died.
March went also for preparing for April, it seems, since my calendar and blog is completely empty.

Estonian National Museum celebrates 100 anniversary. Muchmuch work, challenges to involve whole Estonia to the celebration of an anniversary of an institution that is the memorybank of their culture. Openings, presentations, parties etc. Great month that went very fast and tested all my skills as a communication director.

7 Mountain Hike!!! My second goal for the year. DONE! And will do on 2010.

Viipekeeletõlkide OÜ website managing as a new challenge for me.

Spain – third travelling goal. First time, thank you Triinu!

Visiting relatives in Lithuania. Finding my roots in Lithuania is one of the most important things of this year. It is strange how sad things lead to happier things.
JCI training in Otepää. Fantastic room-mates and a lot of positive emotional spark from the participants.

Went to a course on reflexotherapy, bought a massage table! A pink one, of course 🙂
Helped JCI Annual Conference with PR. Made again some good contacts and found people I would trust my life with.
Yet, lost one person from my life.
A new girl Carlota was born to this world!

Went to career counceling course-my personal branding theoretics got more imput.
Started to doubt whether I should continue with the school. Didn’t take any courses that semester.
A new boy Paul was born to this world.
Held a training on Personal Branding for complete strangers and loved it!

Begun to think of buying a camera. (still havent decided)
Got the title as the nominee for the best museum worker for museums in the web.

Estonian National Museum 100 finnishes with a bigbang on 4th – hiphop music, firesculptures and the President.
Published an article in Sirp about the museums in the web.
From September being part of the organizing team of Baltic Conference 2010 – personal branding conference in Estonia.

And thats about it.

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