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The Little Positive Things In Life

Yesterday I almost had a break-down because of the feeling I have no power to change things and that everything is bad. Luckily the Universe always comes to help. It helped me through an inspiration course, where the first thing (of the last lecture) was the saying – “Be the change you want to see in the world,” by Mahatma Gandhi. And another one was that don’t let negative people/situations take your energy, instead fight it with the “light”. I keep forgetting that I myself have always wondered, why we let the negative overcome us and instead of just staying positive (and ignorant to the negative) we turn neutral – e.g. give in to the negative and stop finding good things and making IT happen.

The second thing that caught my attention was my friend Camillas blogpost where she had written down some little good things she experienced in her days. And I remembered I wanted to do the same! And I keep forgetting (why I forget the good things in my life?)

So here is the good things I experienced this week:
Sunday – the school started and I can expand my knowledge again thanks to the great teachers and with group works with interesting students. Kairit visited me for dinner and I had the chance to hold her son Paul. It was a Valentine’s day, so I also met Helen and Mari-Liisa and phoned Ingrid. I finally sent out the postcards I have planned from Christmas.
Monday – I spoke up in the meeting room and asked a thought inspiring question that I have always wanted to do; I finished an article about personal branding to an innovation magazine (my second!);
Tuesday – I made a step towards my dream of arranging a full course on personal branding; I managed to do a little accountancy and the result was not that bad :); we shared a cake-thingy with my colleague since it was Vastlapäev;
Wednesday – I gave a seminar to 124 youngsters about personal branding and I managed to overcome a huge mistake of being 15 minutes late to my own lecture. I felt good and enjoyed the seminar, I hope they did, too; my friend helped me when I needed it the most; my friends came to visit and we chatted away until 2am
Thursday – I gave an interview to a research about herbs in the Estonian tradition, it was interesting to both give and get information;
Friday – when the things got tough, I took the courage to leave; my mother made me a great soup and we chatted; I took a long walk back home in the snowy weather. The inspiration course inspired me to be more positive.
Saturday – the morning started sweetly, i feel like I am free to do everything I want; my cat Kitit is adorable and plays in the other room and comes to my lap time to time to cuddle a bit. Today will be a cleaning/studying day.

Now it is time to make something I can put in the blog ;). Have a wonderful day!

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