The magic of walking in Ibiza

Ibiza is full of magical places. Es Vedra is what comes to mind to many people. For me, Punta (de sa) Galera, i.e. The tip of the galley is The Magical place. The route there is easy but always offers some surprises. To make the walking in Ibiza Punta Galera route even more magical, I asked David, who is a massage and N.L.P teacher in Ibiza to join and do a inner (auto)cleansing ritual with visualization and meditation ON Punta Galera. And it was the day of solstice. Can it go any better?

walking in Ibiza
Our lovely group who went walking in Ibiza: Rob, David, Ramiro, Clair, Natalie, Liisi

Walking in Ibiza with meditation

Here is a little photos-slideshow-video of the walk. Pictures say more than thousand words about walking in Ibiza, walking itself is even better! 😉


Walking lifestyle – keeping you fit, mentally and physically

Don’t forget we all need time-off from our daily lives. Walking is the easiest and accessible thing to do that. Go out for a walk, share your thoughts and inspirations with me via e-mail. My aim is to show how easy it is to find little walks, little time-off-chunks in life to keep you mentally and physically fit. Wherever you are.

Liisi Toom

walking clothes by ISCLiisi Toom is a communication executive and lifestyle coach who spent 9 months in Ibiza walking, doing walking tours and blogging about it. She has also done and blogged about walking in Estonia and Norway. She coaches people on finding their lifestyle. If you wish to find and live your lifestyle, e-mail at liisitoom (at) gmail. com or follow her Twitter @liisi.

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When in Ibiza, be sure to enjoy at least one walking route, it is worth it!