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The Progress of the Garden of Eve: Walls, Coctails, Flowers

The renovation is going safe and sound, doing things step by step. The good news was that the yellow paint was perfect, the bad news – I didn’t have enough of it for two layers. But I have ideas.

In my Garden of Eve, friends, cocktails and flowers are a must. So yesterday, when Airi was visiting me, we made some ice-cream coctails and a photo-shoot of them. Since I do not have a coctail collection (well, I have smoothies recipes though but my magic is in the “accidentally found in the fridge” combination) The recipe is as follows:

Liisi’s Garden of Eve Ice-Basil Shake
– vanilla ice-cream
– grape juice
– frozen banana (held in the freezer for a month – gives the cocktail a nice dried banana taste)
– strawberries (I used crushed frozen strawberries)
– fresh basil
The frozen things are good because you don’t need to use ice cubes then. Just blend the whole thing, the amount is after your own taste.

I have became quite good in growing flowers. I got some new ones with pink blossoms. These will be nice in the hallway.

Anyways, tomorrow I will continue with tearing down some doors, painting some chairs and doing some touch-ups. Soon it is carpet time. And then the quests can come.

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