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The Simple Life at the Countryside

After a night of practical training on “How to sleep with a 8-month-old baby in the room” we had a day in Räpina to see where Kairit’s monther does her handicraft. They (the group) had a small exhibition of cups and plates etc everything made by hand and all so very beautiful. I had my morning coffee in the cup that Kairit’s mother had made, I think the design is partly “stolen” from Villery&Boch, the outcome much better than the brand :P. You know how I love coffee cups! This is one of my favourite now, I have ordered her to make me to similar espresso cups for my birthday. Let’s keep fingers crossed.
On the picture to the right: Four generations.

After a “shopping” tour in a “Magaziin” in Räpina we came back, I started and finished a book by Barbara Cartland (you can only imagine what kind of deeply romantic love story it was) along with strawberries and cherries and cookies for 8-month-olds that Kairit made (Paul celebrates his 8th moth anniversary today), slept a bit and then off to make the things that people use to beat themselves and others in the sauna 😀 sauna whisks (vihad). Real traditional workmethods in practice.

On the picture: Making the sauna whisks (vihad) for the winter to come. It was a lot of whisks…..

We just finished eating, children are out playing and I think I will go and find another book to read….

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