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The walking lifestyle challenge100 is out! Balance your life with walking

Walking helps you balance your life

Not sure it will be for everyone, but it did the trick for me. And now I hope I can inspire at least one(hundred(thousand)) people to find a way to take a break from the busy-busy life before that busy-busy life gets to you in a not-so-good-way.

I had a friend who once said, that it doesn’t matter what happens in his life, whether he needs to change cities, gets married, has too much work, he always makes sure he has a specific time to play basketball with his friends twice a week. This was his way to take time off. That gave him time for himself, that gave something definite he always had and where he could just let all go. And be back at work, with his family and be a happier person.

For me it is walking. If walking could be a way to take a break and find that activity that helps you balance your life, then I invite you to take part of the walking lifestyle challenge100.

PS: If you start the challenge in October 2013 and give feedback on how you are doing before end of December 2013, you can win a pair of walking tights by ISC.
walking lifestyle challenge100

You can start any time. Important is that you’d start. 

For more balanced lifestyle,

PS: if you have questions, want to give feedback on how you are doing then write liisitoom (at) and for inspiration and walking routes in (mainly) Ibiza, sign-up for walking lifestyle newsletter.


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