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The winter is in Spain

Today, all the mountains are covered with rain and fog.

Jep. Just when I decided to take a hike in the mountains for a two-day trip, the weather turned into a rainy and thundering Spanish winter-weather. I guess it is just not meant to be for me to go for a hike this time. I actually found a cool trip to take, from Marbella to Refugio de Juanar, from there to La Concha peak, to Istan and then back to Marbella. Should be approximately 20km+ walk. But since it is raining, there is no hope for me to go before the trip ends. So today was stay-home-do-work-day. I found an interesting article about Dropbox and how it came about. Take your time to read it.

It is not the high season any more, but some sunbathing was still possible.

Some pictures of past days.

Another culinary experience: pil pil. Now my favorite, since it is mainly of shrimps&garlic. Here is a video of how to do it: http://www.videojug.com/film/how-to-make-shrimp-pil-pil
Went to a local beach cafe, managed by Brits,   ordered a nice coffee with an almond liquor.  Behind us were two Norwegian guys – ahh, in Spain and still can hear Norwegian. Bliss.
Figs: Taken right from the tree. Nice.

This is the second plate, osso boco, i think? First was paella mix. Basically you got two big plates of food+desert and a bottle of wine. For 8,5 and lovely service at the local dinery in Marbella. Usually only one plate of any food costs the same. 

D’Maria. Til we meet again.

Buenas noches!

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