Today I had a free day from work and I decided to spend some time with my lovely niece, she is 3+ years old angel. I took her from the kindergarten and we went to buy a puzzle and eat and just spend good time. Here is what she tought me about life:

1. Know What You Want and You Will Get IT. When we were leaving the kindergarten I asked my niece what she would like to do (I did have lots of things planned, like reading mythology books, making things with papers and stickers etcetc). She answered straight away “I want to put puzzles together. Do you have it?”. I did not. But since I am an aspiring aunt I said we have two choices – either we make one or we buy one. Guess which one she chose? We went to shop.

2. Being Truly Happy about Your fellow Being. When she first saw me, she ran towards me like forgetting everything in this world – c’mon – kids do not fake that – you know they love you when they show that. Who was the happiest, floating in 7th heaven-aunt? Yes, me. Other point is how to actually feel so happy about someone else in your world? To feel this utmost love towards another human being?

3. Leave at the Right Time. When a person gets too tired, (s)he will turn into a not-so-nice-person. Just like my little angel when she was getting tired of all the excitement. It is always best for you and others to leave a second before the good party turns to a bad one. Her mother came to pick her up just about the right time. We left on very good terms and on a promise to meet soon and do some other great stuff.

4. Seize the Moment. Who doesn’t know that famous sentence?! But kids live it without knowing the words for it. Watching her colouring the colour-book, sticking stickers there. When she saw something new she wanted to paint instead of an apple tree, she did. She was so into it, forgetting the rest, not worrying about something else (though, who knows what kids think in theyr little heads?). Order does not matter, which leads to another thing to learn…

5. There is no Right or Wrong. Eraise and rewind. So what I painted the stickers all blue and it never comes off. So the table got little blue, its just a table, right? So I want to put the puzzle together only a bit and then I want to eat. No, I do not want to eat really (big smile). You eat. Can I have the bread? But not with this crust. SMILE.

That is enough for a three-year-old. Wait for the next one 😉