walking through life

To choose a path to take

One of the main questions in Life as in Hiking is the path. And how to find it.

Yesterday, I saw the movie Life of Pi. A story about a journey of a young boy. In his childhood, he was exposed to many gods and started to believe in many. So the father, who is worried about the young boy asks:

 “How can you find a way if you don’t choose the path?”

The mother answers “He is young, he still has time.” I believe that in one way, we all have enough time to explore many paths, be it in life or on the road. The choice still has to be made, whether you will take a path and you choose not to put importance on which path you take but more on walking it. Or you choose the goal, where and when you should reach it and you let the fate or luck decide which way you take, hoping to get to your goal
Or you take a map, set your goal, choose the path. The thing is, even if you make the choice, choose the path, I don’t think the path will ever be exactly as you thought it would be, as the map tells you. It will never be the same for different people because we ourselves experience the walk of life and paths differently. 
If you don’t know which path to take, walk anyway.
If you know, which path you want to take, be open for the unexpected.
I leave you with these questions and thoughts in mind to your new week! May it have interesting paths to discover!
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