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Walking in Ibiza photographing: Cala Llonga to Cap des Llibrell and lizards

Ibiza photography hike from Cala Llonga – Cap des Llibrell

Cala Llonga has been in my mind since I accidentally dropped by the celebration of “Clean Cala Llonga” event and saw the small and close community of Cala Llonga. Last week I took Ibiza tourist office brochure with the descrition of the walk and joined by a friend and a photographer  Tim Twitch Reeves we went out to see the Cala Llonga-Cap des Llibrell walk for a little “Ibiza photography” tour.

liisi toom walking in ibiza

Almost every place is great for some Ibiza photography and Cala Llonga with its beautiful (and clean!) beach, being one of the longest in Ibiza, is not exception. I am still learning how to take great photos, so I was happy to have Tim, who is a photographer residing in Ibiza, with me to give some tips and capture the moments on this relaxing walking route in Ibiza.

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Cap des Llibrell walking route – easy to get up, difficult to get down

This route is ca 5 km in length, having an altitude of 220 m on Cap des Llibrell and a smaller  184 m altitude on puig des Castellar. We started the walk (after many café con leches – there are just so many nice places to take a moment) from the right side of the Cala Llonga beach, heading up on the wide dirt road. There is no way you can get lost, so it is a perfect track for exploring Ibiza on your own.

After a short yet steep climb we reached the top of Cap des Llibrell. The view from Cap des Llibrell is worth the walk, you can see ruins, Cala Llonga beach on ascent and Sol d’en Serra beach strip on the other side of the Cap des Llibrell. And while having your break at the top you can enjoy the company of lizards that are very courageous.

Cala Llonga walking in Ibiza
Ibiza photography: beaches. Cala Llonga in this case


Ibiza photography: beaches and lizards

While going up is an easy task, wide dirt road easily followed, coming down is an another issue. When you take another road, the road that goes to the left, the descent is so steep, that it is really difficult to keep you on two feet. All the trees and stones that are firmly on the ground are cherished. But there are not many points to support you, so you might consider coming down on all fours or taking the same road back.

We were not too lucky with the weather, having some occasional raindrops and a bit of a grey colors, the more interesting it was to get up close and personal photos of the lizards.

Walking in Ibiza sol den serra

Ibiza photography: View from Cap des Llibrell
View from Cap des Llibrell
Ibiza photography Tim Reeves
Photographer Tim Reeves getting the colors and moods of Ibiza lizards on camera

The lizards are definitely not shy in Ibiza. And they eat your banana peels or peach pieces or can just climb on you when you are sitting still for a while. Which made it easy to have a little lizard-photo shoot. Photography means patience. Photography means finding the time and a place and, well, that your camera is well set for the shoot. In Ibiza photography means also being prepared that you will have a lot of natural light, for me it is still a bit of an issue. Taking photos of lizards, meant that we spent a lot of time playing stone statues and leaving some food stuff on the ground to attract them. And it worked. Here are some photos Tim got from the lizards.

Ibiza photography: lizards of Ibiza by Tim Reeves
Ibiza photography: lizards of Ibiza by Tim Reeves
Ibiza photography: lizards of Ibiza By Tim Reeves
Ibiza photography: lizards of Ibiza by Tim Reeves
Ibiza photography: lizards of Ibiza by Tim Reeves
Ibiza photography: lizards of Ibiza by Tim Reeves

A photoshoot with lizards:

Walks are great for some great Ibiza photography

We all love good photos and being on a holiday means lots of great moments to capture. Be sure you have the batteries full, enough space on your memory card and try out your camera and how it works, if it is new. Be sure to come back to this blog, since I will be adding Ibiza photography some tricks and tips.

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When in Ibiza, be sure to enjoy at least one walking route, it is worth it!

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