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Walking in Ibiza: get trained by Cap des Falco – Bossa beach route

Walking in Ibiza to see the sights, enjoy the weather and nature is one thing. Going for a longer route with a faster speed and less stops for food or pictures is another. Ibiza is perfect for both. I have combined my walks to balance the training and vacation and beautiful sights. As I have mentioned, one of my favorite ares is Ses Salines Nature Reserve Area. Going there and the areas surrounding it make it possible to cover these different types of walks. If you are in to mountain hiking or more high altitudes and longer walks then my suggestion is that you would take the Cap des Falco route when walking in Ibiza.


Walking in Ibiza Cap des Falco route


Cap des Falco is a mountain that got its name from the shape – meaning that from one angle you can see the mountain as it were the face of a falcon. I must admit I have only once been able to see that, nevertheless, it is a great, strong and interesting route for walking in Ibiza and seeing many many things at the same time. You can walk Cap des Falco on its on, going back-and forth from the Cap des Falco restaurant. You can also do the mountain and then exit from the Las Salinas beach after a nice tanning hour. But you can also do like we did with my friend and make the walk from the Bossa beach to Cap des Falco to Las Salinas beach to Es Cavallet beach and then the five last smaller coastal mountains back to Bossa beach. TOTAL: 26 km. We made it in 8 hours including one meal break and one beach break.

Cap des Falco from a far
Cap des Falco from a far

All roads lead to …

Walking in Ibiza to get physically trained

It seems I have a thing for starting my roads from Bossa beach, which is the longest beach in Ibiza. After that there is many combinations of routes for walking in Ibiza Ses Salines Nature park area. I have talked about one already, the Walking in Ibiza from St Jordi-Las Salinas beash to Es Cavallet. But to take the whole area in a maximum way is something you want to do when you have good stamina, you are ready to walk uphill, and do that for 5+ times and when you want a more serious training experience.

Walking in Ibiza for training: Cap des Falco-Bossa route
Walking in Ibiza for training: Cap des Falco-Bossa route

Cap des Falco route in Ibiza – Rabbit holes, rosemary and edges

When you get on the Falco route after passing the salt mountain and a bit of the Ses Salines salt harvesting locations, you will see that the route goes quite near to the edge. DO be careful, it is not very difficult to slip on a loose stone and fall into the Mediterranean. Thanks to being so close, the three ups-and-downs offer fantastic views to the blue sea, Es Vedra and the beautiful coastline of Ibiza. When you get to the top of the Falco, you can also see the other side, the Torre de Ses Portes, Las Salinas beach – the part you will be walking after a break (by that time you will need a break).

The beginning of the route: Cap des Falco restaurant. Closed for winter.
CapdesFalco route in Ibiza
Cap des Falco route in Ibiza, the start
Follow the rabbit hole! Rabbits are one of the animals you can see around Ibiza
Es Vedra peaking from a far, blue and rocky coastline. Love it!
The salt harvesting areas around the route
Walking in Ibiza: The final path to get to Cap des Falco. Looks closer to the edge than it really is.
A view to the goal of this walk.
Sometimes you just got to go inside the bushes. Long trousers and long sleeved shirt is useful in walking in Ibiza routes
Very similar to rosemary. It isn’t rosemary though.
Another day, another walk through Ibiza and life!


Word of caution

Though the hike sounds easy, be aware of the bushes and sticks that can easily hurt you, especially if you wear shorts. My companion looked like he had been on a extreme hike after the bushes of Cap des Falco. I always suggest you wear long sleeves and long trousers while walking in Ibiza because the terrain and flora is sometimes deceiving and you might end up in the bushes and then you will be thanking me, sure thing.

First part of walking Cap des Falco route in Ibiza done, next up, Las Salinas

This part I had not done before, so I was curious whether I will find the path. Luckily I was not alone and together with my friend we found the path in the bushes. We did miss and went through almost impenetrable bushes at times. But we reached the goal of getting to Las Salinas beach on our little training walk in Ibiza, so all was good.

Time to leave that part behind us and head to Las Salinas.
We missed a path somewhere here. But luckily our goal was always in front of us.


Out of the bushes and near to Las Salinas beach

Las Salinas to Es Cavallet to Bossa beach

When you are on that bath while having your walk in Ibiza Ses Salinas Nature park area, take your time. There are plenty of places to sunbathe, including not only the beaches but on the way to the beaches. Walk on the coastline to discover little and cute sand areas or places where you and your friends can have a lunch or recharge your energies while having magnificent views. This is my kind of walking in Ibiza – partly training, partly relaxation, partly sightseeing. Especially this route you are entering after Cap des Falco – you will see the Ses Salinas Nature Park with astonishing cliffs and pine bushes, the tower of Ses Portes, Formentera, the local birds, lizards, salt harvesting areas. And you get to walk mountains (or hills, depending if you come from a country with high mountains or small hills like I do).

Las Salinas beach – not so empty when you arrive, I am sure 🙂
Find your own corner to relax in Ses Salinas Nature reserve area
Es Cavallet


After you have done some beaching and suntanning, had your lunch, played some ball, it is time to take the last 5-7 hills/mountains on your Cap des Falco-Bossa route in walking in Ibiza. Time it so that you have ca 1 hour or more if you still want to take breaks and suntan and that you won’t start it after sunset. It gets dark and there is no way back on this route (well, back to Es Cavallet only). The hills are possible to walk in 6-12 minutes if you are fast and relaxed. Yet, they have many loose stones, quite on the edge and if you do it the first time, you might want to take pictures and find spots to stay for longer time.

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Walking lifestyle – keeping you fit, mentally and physically

Don’t forget we all need time-off from our daily lives. Walking is the easiest and accessible thing to do that. Go out for a walk, share your thoughts and inspirations with me via e-mail. My aim is to show how easy it is to find little walks, little time-off-chunks in life to keep you mentally and physically fit. Wherever you are.

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When in Ibiza, be sure to enjoy at least one walking route, it is worth it!

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