walking through life

You get what you want, right?

It is really late night… or Shakespeare would say: really early in the morning. My colleagues left about an hour ago and I am home, in the net and just thinking. Well, not really thinking.

The last week has been strange, well, not more strange then usual, but strange. I spent a wonderful weekend cleaning my appartement, visiting my brother and just being. My work is getting more stressful as the autumn is getting nearer, but it is still the job I love. My enrepreneural thing is goin slowly, tomorrow is a big meeting, will see how that goes.

I am slowly getting over of the pain I was caused, intentionnally, for the first time – thats what hurt the most. But hey! I will not be the one to give the sam treatment to othrs: you hit me, I smile, You hit me twice, I smile even more. You hit me the third time, I know there is something terribly wrong with you, and I will do all that I can to show, that the world goes on on Love, not hate and bitterness. Yep, thats right.

I am learning to live, every day. No. I am living. Every day. By day.

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