I am Liisi. Originally from Tartu, Estonia, lived in Bergen, Norway and in Ibiza, Spain. By profession I am today psychological performance skills consultant for athletes and other high-risk related people. I have worked as a communication manager and personal branding coach for 10 years and found, that one thing in common is the need to fulfill ones potential but that takes higher level psychological preparation.

When I am not working I train in sprint kayaking and promote active lifestyle, read, travel as well as dedicate my time in saving cats. All in all, doing things that seem important and interesting, with people that inspire me.

I believe we all have the right to live lives on our own terms.

Ibiza hiking guide
There is a way, always.

My work-philosophy is based on the power of:

  1. Meaningfulness. Meaning enhances motivation. It enhances focus.
  2. Enjoyment. Without enjoying what you do, what’s the point? really? What would your days be worth without enjoying what you do?
  3. Process. It’s not only about the fight, the competition, the final judgment day. You are not a finished product, you will never be. The sooner you recognize that, the more you allow yourself to learn and challenge yourself.
  4. Longeivity. We are here for the long run, even if we change what we do. Today will create tomorrow. Most of the time we don’t know what the future will hold for us, but we can make sure we do all we can to be ready for all the successes, failures, changes and the unknown.
  5. Trust.
  6. Push-boundaries. I am here to help you when you want to get to somewhere you have not gone before.

It all sums up to concept of GAMEPLAN training and consultations where we focus on psychological performance skills needed to excel and grow and strategies that you personally can use to mindfully develop your skills and resilience in sports and in life.

Contact me for:

  • Coaching session or psychological skills training program from confidence building, performance enhancement.
  • Inspirational and truly practical training courses on leadership, goal setting, peak performance, future of work, work-life balance, future of work and personal branding.
  • Interviews or articles and videos or interesting cooperations.

1. Bachelor’s degree in Psychology in Tartu University, additional moduls in sports psychology (finished 2019). Already practicing performance coaching with top athletes, trainers and doing training courses.

  • Performance coaching webinars with Scottish Canoeing Association, 2020;
  • Mindful Sport Performance Enhancement instructor training, 2020.
  • Cooperation with Kallas Management with consulting Olympic athletes on mental training.

2. 2008-2019 (and onwards) personal brand strategist for CEO-s, entrepreneurs, artists, experts, teams in my own company. The oldest and most popular blog creator and blogger in career, leadership and personal branding and marketing in Estonia, persoonibrand.ee

3. Master’s degree in Communication in Tartu University (2012) + working experience in Estonian National Museum, startup Zeroturnaround (exited by now). Highly skilled in strategy, creating identities and PR.

Call or e-mail me

(+ 372) 52 70 534
twitter: liisi